Weaving Nature featured @ The Wire Magazine

29 Nov 2019




Below The Radar 31


"Weaving Nature"

Track 1

Previously unreleased

Delfina Muñoz de Toro is an indigenist, visual artist and musician from Argentina. Using voice and charango, her acoustic performances embrace songs from the indigenous peoples of Abya Yala (South America), as well as her own compositions. Guided by her spiritual studies, her music and art bond with the Pano nations of the Amazon, particularly the Yawanawa.


“Weaving Nature” was crafted in a remote forest and riverside area on acoustic instruments such as akontig, shakers, udu, frame drum, mouth harp, wooden sticks and the artist’s voice, intertwined with the sounds of the forest, marshes, waters and animals. The composition was developed from raw, improvised sound with minimal editing. This is an extract from the original 15 minute track created for Nissa Nishikawa’s contemporary dance piece Tenko No Seishin (The Familiar Earth).



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